A Barbarian War of Aggression

The war on Yemen is by the ("non fake") MSM media called either "a civil war" or a "proxy war" between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Don't be fooled!

The war on Yemen is an illegal, full scale war of aggression against its people with the aim of weakening the country and starve its population to the point where they surrender and submit to the dictate of the aggressor.

The result of this criminal act is one of History's major Human generated Famines Monumental crimes against Humanity are unfolding right before our eyes. We demand an immediate halt to this abominable slaughter and blockade of one of the world's most poor countries!


Our Slogans

  • Stop the War of Aggression against Yemen!
  • Stop the Starvation of Yemen!
  • Lift the Blockade NOW!
  • No Swedish Arms to the Butchers of Yemen!
  • Supporting the Saudis is supporting Al-Qaeda/ISIS!
  • Recognise the new Government of Yemen!
  • Reconstruct Yemen!
Amend UN Sec. Council Resolution #2216!

Which Human Rights in Yemen?

Side event speech given by 'Jemensolidaritet' at UN Human Rights Council on Sep 15th, 2017 at the 'Palais des Nations', Genève: "Which Human Rights in Yemen?"

The intervention discusses the problematic issue of discussing 'Human Rights' in Yemen while the country is subject of flagrant violations of International Law by being indiscriminately bombed since two and a half years, and at the same time victim of a marine blockade causing death and disease among the civilian population. The UNSC Res. #2216 is also criticised as being in breach of central principles of the UN Charter.