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Tue 21 March 2017

International day of action for the Children of Yemen

Posted by Roland Hedayat in Yemen    Lang sv

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Two Years of War on Yemen on March 26th!

Demonstration at 2-4pm on Norrmalmstorg, Stockholm

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After 700 days of bomb strikes, the civilian deaths are counted to more than 12,000. The real civilian death toll is certainly much higher when taking into account those perished as a consequence of the massive destruction of the nationĀ“s infrastructure and health services as well as the mass starvation imposed on the Yemeni people. The illegal blockade has caused the world's currently biggest famine. A child dies every ten minutes from the malnutrition caused by the Saudi generated hunger crisis. On January 2017, UNICEF estimated that 63,000 Yemeni children had perished during 2016 as a consequence of malnutrition and starvation. 14 million Yemenites are in immediate need for emergency food aid to survive.

The unprovoked war of aggression on Yemen is supported by the West. USA is directly involved militarily through drone attacks and, in collusion with the UK, provision of intelligence and targeting information, and other direct support of the aggressor, such as unprecedented arms sales, even of banned cluster bombs. Sweden too supplies weapons to the aggressors. The UN Security Council resolution 2216 from April 14th, 2015, call for a blockade of weapons transfer to Yemen, but its factual implementation also leads to blockade of vital imports of food, medicine and fuel. The UNSC Resolution is thereby an alibi for the starving of the Yemeni people. The war is illegal as it is systematically directed against civilian targets:

  • Civilian infrastructure, housing, hospitals, schools, markets, funerals.
  • Food distribution, food imports, food storage and production, water dams...
  • Ancient culture and world heritage sites.

The aggressors cooperate with both Al Qaeda and ISIL in Yemen, their aim being to topple the governing National Alliance which strive for the liberation of Yemen from decades of dominance by Saudi Arabia, UK and the US. Since 2016 the National Alliance has formed a broadly based new government, supported by a majority of both the parliament and Yemeni people. The aggressors want regime change just like in the wars on Iraq, Libya and Syria.

On March 26, at 2 pm (1 pm GMT) probably one million people will resist the bomb threats and demonstrate against the war in Sanaa, the capital of Yemen. In Stockholm and 9 other cities in Europe and North America there will be demonstrations in solidarity with Yemen under the slogans:

  • Stop the War of Aggression against Yemen!
  • Stop the Starvation of Yemen - Lift the Blockade NOW!
  • No Swedish Arms to the Butchers of Yemen!
  • Supporting the Saudis is supporting AlQaeda/DAESH!
  • Recognise the new Government of Yemen!
  • Reconstruct Yemen!

Many organizations will express their support in speeches.

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