Föreningen JemenSolidaritet is an independent NGO founded late 2016. The aim of the organisation is to raise a public opinion against the barbarian Saudi/Western led war of aggression against the people of Yemen.

We also want to raise awareness of the serious war crimes committed in Yemen by the aggressors:

We condemn the silence and indulgence of the "Official Sweden" regarding the war crimes committed and the systematic starvation of the Yemeni population.

The leaders and owners of the Swedish arms industry continue their arms sales to the aggressors without any scruples. We demand that the abetment of these be brought to halt, and that Sweden once again come to respect those treaties that it has signed and ratified concerning export of arms to countries committing war crimes.

We are networking with other anti war/anti imperialist organisations, escpecially those focussed on the MENA region

The Statutes of the Organisation are found here

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Please support our campaign for solidarity with Yemen by contributing: PostGiro: 847797-8, or Swish: 1234997201


Email:  info _at_ jemensolidaritet.se
Postgiro: 847797-8
Swish: 1234997201