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Thu 23 March 2017

The appeal for the London Demonstration

Posted by Ahmed Al-ashaf in Yemen    Lang sv

The appeal for the London Demonstration

26th of March 2017 at 1pm

Meet at Marble Arch, London

Oxford street , W1C 1CX. Then march to the BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place via Oxford Street. Then to hold a rally outside the BBC.

In coordination with Yemenis, Rights & Humanitarian organisations, together with all free persons of the world, for the contemporaneous march planned in the UK, New York, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Russia, France, Lebanon, Algeria and other countries on 26.03.2017, to pass a strong message to the UN and Security Council to hold them full responsibility for the crimes that the people of Yemen are being subjected to as a result of the war and blockade against Yemen The organisers urge and plead with all Rights & Civilian organisations and free persons of the world to join their brothers and sisters in this march and organise similar events in their areas on 26.03.2017, to send a strong message to the world to demand the immediate lifting of the blockade and shed light on:-

  • the great humanitarian catastrophe and crimes that the people of the Yemen are being subjected to because of the sea and air blockade;
  • the crimes that are being committed against the people of Yemen from murders, starvation and displacement due to the blockade;
  • the inhumane continuation of the closure of San'a airport which is preventing travels for the sick, students and is preventing thousands who are currently stranded abroad from returning home to visit their kin.

The National Association for the Lifting of the Blockade from Yemen March coordinator,

Ahmed Al-ashaf, 07427198116